Dr hab. Dip. eng. Edyta Skrzypek

Associate Professors
Department of Biotechnology
(+48) 12 4251833 (wew./ext. 109)
Micropropagation of fabaceae • androgenesis of lupins and cereals • wide crossing of cereals


    • Warzecha T.
    • Skrzypek E.
    • Adamski T.
    • Surma M.
    • Kaczmarek Z.
    • Sutkowska A.
    • Chlorophyll a fluorescence parameters of hulled and hull-less barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) DH lines inoculated with Fusarium culmorum.
    • 2019.
    • Plant Pathol. J.,35: 112-124.
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    • Boniecka J.
    • Kotowicz K.
    • Skrzypek E.
    • Dziurka K.
    • Rewers M.
    • Jedrzejczyk I
    • Wilmowicz E.
    • Berdychowska J.
    • Dąbrowska G.
    • Potential biochemical, genetic and molecular markers of deterioration advancement in seeds of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.).
    • 2019.
    • Industrial Crops & Products 130: 478–490.
    • Wojtania A.
    • Skrzypek E.
    • Marasek-Ciolakowska A.
    • Soluble sugar, starch and phenolic status during rooting of easy- and difficult-to-root magnolia cultivars.
    • 2019.
    • Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 136(3), pp. 499-510.
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1990 -1995 study at the Faculty of Agronomy, Agricultural University (now University of Agriculture) in Kraków; semestral training in Germany (Gebr. Dippe Saatzucht GmbH)

1993 -1995 Pedagogical Studies at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków

1995 master and engineer's degree in agricultural sciences, plant physiology at the Faculty of Agronomy, Agricultural University in Kraków

2002 doctor's degree in agricultural sciences, agronomics-plant physiology at the Faculty of Agriculture and Economics, University of Agriculture in Kraków

2013 habilitation in the field of agricultural sciences, agronomics-plant physiology at the Faculty of Agriculture and Economics, University of Agriculture in Kraków



1995 biologist at the Department (now Institute) of Plant Physiology, Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków (IPP PAS)

1996 - 2002 research assistant  at IPP PAS

2002 - 2015 adiunkt at IPP PAS

2003 - 2004 holder of fellowship founded by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) at the Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

2008 teacher at the primary school in Jerzmanowice

from 2015 associate professor of IPP PAS



Head of Department of Biotechnology in IPP PAS (since 2011)

Member of Scientific Council of IPP PAS (since 2014)

Scientific secretary of Scientific Council of IPP PAS (since 2015)



The role of abiotic stress in cells differentiation and regeneration of selected crop plants in in vitro conditions.

Androgenesis, wide crosses of cereals.



Tissue cultures of crop plants.

Androgenesis, wide crossing of wheat and oat.

Spectrometric analysis of phenolic compounds, saccharides, some growth regulators and antioxidative enzymes.

Cytometric analysis of plant ploidy.



Member of organizing committee of Scientific Conferences “Application of  in vitro cultures in plant physiology" (since 2008)



Supervisor of 3 MSc theses and reviewer of 5 MSc theses at University of Agriculture in Kraków.

Supervisor of PhD theses at Doctoral Studies in Natural Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków:

  • Reactions of pea, yellow lupine and faba bean to soil drought stress (dr inż. Katarzyna Juzoń, 2015)
  • Identification and physiological characteristics of oat (Avena sativa L.) x maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids obtained by wide crossing (mgr inż. Angelika Noga, in progress)

Reviewer of PhD theses:

  • The location of auxin gradient and expression of AtPIN genes under indirect somatic embryogenesis of Arabidopsis thaliana (dr Magdalena Agnieszka Sidłowska, 2014), Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
  • The structure of the transcript, genomic sequence and expression patterns in response to salinity and drought peroxisomal ascorbate peroxidase (BvpAPX) in beet (mgr Kamila Dunajska-Ordak, 2017), Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń



Skrzypek E. The role of phenolic compounds and antioxidant enzymes in in vitro regeneration of selected Fabaceae species. Monografie 15. Wyd. IFR PAN, Kraków 2012, ISBN 978-83-86878-29-1, s.141 (in Polish)



Skrzypek E., Czyczyło-Mysza I., Wędzony M. 2011. Micropropagation. In: Pratap A., Kumar J. (Eds), Biology and Breeding of Food Legumes, CABI Wallingford, United Kingdom, 147-158

Skrzypek E. Kwas jasmonowy. W: Fizjologia Roślin Sadowniczych. Jankiewicz L.S., Lipecki J.,(Ed), PWN Warszawa 2011, 39-44

Skrzypek E. Kwas salicylowy. W: Fizjologia Roślin Sadowniczych. Jankiewicz L.S., Lipecki J.,(Ed), PWN Warszawa 2011, 44-47



1999 travel grant from FEBS for 26th Meeting of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies

2000 travel grant from Warsaw Scientific Society and Stefan Batory Foundation for 12th Congress of the Federation of European Societies of Plant Physiology (FESPP)

2002 PhD thesis with distinction from University of Agriculture in Kraków and award from Director of IPP PAS

2014 distinction from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for the achievements in the field of agriculture, rural development, agricultural markets and fishery. Topic: Obtaining of oat (Avena sativa L.) doubled haploid lines by the wide crossing method. Authors: IPP PAS: dr hab. inż. Edyta Skrzypek, prof. dr hab. Izabela Marcińska, dr hab. inż. Ilona Czyczyło-Mysza, dr Kinga Dziurka, dr Agata Nowakowska, SHR Sp. z o.o., Gr. IHAR: dr inż. Zygmunt Nita, inż. Krystyna Werwińska

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