Dr Maria Pilarska

Department of Stress Biology
(+48) 12 4251833 (wew./ext. 138)
Abiotic stress • photosynthesis • leaf senescence • halophytes


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    • Rozpądek P
    • Nosek M
    • Domka A
    • Ważny R
    • Jędrzejczyk R
    • Tokarz K
    • Pilarska M.
    • Niewiadomska E.
    • Turnau K
    • Acclimation of the photosynthetic apparatus and alterations in sugar metabolism in response to inoculation with endophytic fungi.
    • 2019.
    • Plan, Cell & Environment 42: 1408-1423.
    • Niewiadomska E.
    • Brückner K.
    • Mulisch M.
    • Kruk J.
    • Orzechowska A.
    • Pilarska M.
    • Luchowski R.
    • Gruszecki I. W.
    • Krupinska K.
    • Lack of tocopherols influences the PSII antenna and the functioning of photosystems under low light.
    • 2018.
    • Journal of Plant Physiology 223: 57-64.
    • Pilarska M.
    • Skowron E.
    • Pietraś R.
    • Krupinska K.
    • Niewiadomska E.
    • Changes in lipid peroxidation in stay-green leaves of tobacco with senescence-induced synthesis of cytokinins.
    • 2017.
    • Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 118: 161-167.
    • Pilarska M.
    • Wiciarz M.
    • Jajić I.
    • Kozieradzka-Kiszkurno M.
    • Dobrev P.
    • Vanková R.
    • Niewiadomska E.
    • A different pattern of production and scavenging of reactive oxygen species in halophytic Eutrema salsugineum (Thellungiella salsuginea) plants in comparison to Arabidopsis thaliana and its relation to salt stress signaling.
    • 2016.
    • Frontiers in Plant Science, 7: 1179.
    • Pilarska M.
    • Malec P.
    • Salaj J.
    • Bartnicki F.
    • Konieczny R.
    • High expression of somatic embryogenesis receptor-like kinase coincides with initiation of various developmental pathways in in vitro culture of Trifolium nigrescens..
    • 2016.
    • Protoplasma 253: 345-355.
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    • Słomka A.
    • Bohdanowicz J.
    • Poznańska E.
    • Kwiatkowska M.
    • Pilarska M.
    • Struebig M.
    • Shuka L.
    • Kuta E.
    • Usefulness and linitations of pollen characters in environmental studies based on Viola L. species (sect. Melanium Ging.).
    • 2014.
    • Modern Phytomorphology, 5: 31-34.
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Publications before 2014

Konieczny R., Śliwinska E., Pilarska M., Tuleja M. Morphohistological and flow cytometric analyses of somatic embryogenesis in Trifolium nigrescens Viv. 2012. Plant Cell Tiss Org. Cult. 109: 131-141.

Kuta E., Bohdanowicz J., Słomka A., Pilarska M., Bothe H. Floral structure and  pollen morphology of two zinc violets (Viola lutea ssp. calaminaria and V. lutea ssp. westfalica) indicate their taxonomic affinity to Viola lutea. 2012Plant Syst. Evol. 298:445–455.

Konieczny R., Pilarska M., Tuleja M., Salaj T., Ilnicki T. Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in zygotic embryos of Trifolium nigrescens (Viv.). 2010. Plant Cell Tiss. Org. Cult. 100: 123-130.

Konieczny R., Kępczyński J., Pilarska M., Cembrowska D., Menzel D., Šamaj J.Cytokinin and ethylene affect auxin transport-dependent rhizogenesis in hypocotyls of common ice plant (Mesembryanthemum crystallinum L.). 2009. J. Plant Growth Regul. 28: 331-340.

Pilarska M., Czaplicki A., Konieczny R. Patterns of pectin epitope expression during shoot and root regeneration in androgenic cultures of two wheat cultivars. 2007. Acta Biol. Cracov. Bot. 49: 69-72.


Research interests

  • the role of reactive oxygen species in salt-stress tolerance
  • the influence of soil salinity on photosynthetic apparatus
  • regulation of leaf senescence

Practical skills

  • in vitro culture methods
  • electrophoretic techniques (proteins, nucleic acids)
  • immunodetection (Western Blot)
  • immunolocalization of proteins and polysaccharides in tissue sections
  • gene expression analysis (qPCR)
  • cytological and histological analysis (conventional and fluorescence microscope)
  • spectrophotometric determination of enzymes activities
  • determination of PSII and PSI activity